Monday, July 7, 2008

c2skymultisport 2008

What an exciting year for me!! I have had the opportunity to coach over 18 athletes this year!!
It has been the most amazing opportunity for me and I have truly found my passion!
The highlight so far this year was watching 3 of my athletes complete the Whistler Try-a-Tri. What an amazing feeling it is to have helped someone overcome their fears, challenge themselves and achieve their goal! I have never been so proud as a coach and for my athletes!
I am also coaching two Ironman athletes this year which is a challenge trying to fit training into their busy lives and make sure they are doing it and staying injury free!! I am excited to see both of them complete their goals.
Next weekend four of my athletes will challenge themselves to thier first Olympic distance tri!!
I am so excited to cheer them on and watch them achieve their goal!!
Stay tuned for all their results!

Triathlon racing 2008

This year has been challenging trying to balance growing my business, training my clients and finding time to train myself. As for the challenges, I have also had much success this year with my races. I completed my first 50km trail run in March, Diez Vista with my sister Janet. It was great and I was very proud of myself. Stairs were challenging for the next few days but I did it.
Then it was the UBC sprint Tri , 1st place in my age group, North Shore Sprint, 2nd in my age group and the Vancouver World Championships. This was the toughest swim I have ever completed due to the cool temperature 11.9 degrees and the cool air temperature 7 degrees and the enourmous swells. But I completed the race and placed 28th in my age group in the WORLD!!!
After World's I had to start increasing my distance for my longer races. This past weekend I completed the Osoyoos Half Ironman. I came 3rd in my age group which was a surprise to me!!
The race was tough as usual but I stayed positive and was happy with my efforts.
Now it is all about preparing for Ironman Canada in August. I will have to find alot more free time to train!
Happy training!