Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dec 6 Hawaii Xterra Trail Race

Aloha from Hawaii!! We arrived on Dec 4th and I raced the Xterra World Trail Run Championships Dec 6th!! With little to no heat acclimatization my sister and myself set up at the start line not knowing what we were in for. A few top names were at the race and me, haha!!
The race was held at the Kualoa Ranch on the north west shores of Oahu. It was a beautiful sunny day and the race started a little late due to the long line ups at the porta potties- surprise.
Have you ever been to a race where there were enough of them???
As for the run the trail was not technical but the climbing and heat took its toll on most of us, especially us pasty white folk from somewhere cold BC!! Luckily I took my own fluids and was able to drink when I needed to which was more often than the aid stations. I found myself walking after the first half hour and thought when is this going to be over!! Not a good thought when you have probably only completed 5 of the 21km. After an hour of running in the heat I started to feel somewhat warmed up and ready to run. The veiws were spectacular and while walking up a few hills I took the time to enjoy it. The downhill portion was slippery mud and long grass. I was cautious as I descended knowing I needed my ankles for next weekend. I finished the race feeling good and strong and ready for the next weekends challenge of the Honolulu Marathon!!
Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Training Summer 2009

Looking for some people to train with?? You can join Munny and I Tues. evenings at 6pm for Tues night trail run clinic. Meet at Escape Route, $5. Last Tues. of every month is a Hash Run.
I participated in my first hash run last month and it was great fun. You basically all run working as a team to find the route that leads to the end or beer. The faster runners take off and let you know if they are on the right or wrong trail by yelling out. The slower runners then know what trail to take when they arrive so everyone basically finishes at the same time.
Thurs. morning Intervals at Lost Lake are free for all Whistler Triathlon Club members, $2 drop in fee for anyone else.
Stay tuned for a long group weekend run and additional local races.
Happy Training!!!

June 2009 What's Up!

June is one busy month not only for all of my athletes but for me as well.
Last weekend I had a great time cheering on my coached athletes as well as many members of the Whistler Triathlon club and freinds from across the province. I was so proud to see everyone out there having a good, bad and super day. As a coach it was really important to me to be out there to see my athletes and freinds in action and support them. It is a different kind of feeling when you have worked with someone to achieve thier goals and then you see them do it!! I have to admit I cried a few times that day!!
Another of my athletes competed in his first 1/2 iron in Kona. I also wish I could have been there for him to help him through a tough, hot day!!! But he persevered through the heat and stomach issues to finish!!!
I also had two athletes who were not able to compete which was very unfortunate.
As for me it is now my turn to put all my hard work, commitment, physical and mental strength on the line at Ironman Coeur D'Alene June 21.
I will go into this race with not only my own determination but the inspiration from all my athletes, family, friends and fellow triathletes. Thanks!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy New YOU! 2009!

It is already February and time is flying by! C2SkyMultisport continues to grow with classes being offered at Meadow park Sports Center, and coaching many triathletes and runners for the upcoming race season.
You can check out my website for more information on activities and prices.
As for myself I am busy training for Ironman Couer D'Alene and coaching athletes.
It is a balancing act that I have not figured out quite yet but Iam not giving up!!!
I wish everyone a great 2009 race season and look forwad to seeing you all out and about keeping fit and having fun!!