Thursday, March 3, 2011

Your core and running!

As a coach and tainer who loves to have a huge tool box of resources I am always taking courses. The last couple of courses I took have been amazing. One was Called Building a Strong Foundation, and was all about how to reconginze and teach endurance athletes how to control their bodies and retrain the nueromuscular system to stop tissue breakdown from the ground up. The other course was on Postural Assesment and Corrective Exercises. I have been teaching techniques based on both of these courses with great success. I believe that if you can teach someone to recognize how their body is breaking down during movement then you can fix it. Body Awareness is totally under-rated in sport. You have to know how your body moves through what-ever medium you are in, whether swimming , biking or running and be able to adapt and fix any problems that you are having. The only problem for endurance athletes is that they have to slow down, almost stop and feel what is happening in their body which may take away from their long run or ride or swim!
It doesn't take much time to practice some of the exercises and they are as simple as standing on one foot and making sure that use stay logn in your spine, hips level and your arch supporting your foot. can you close your eyes and do this? Can you go up on your toes? Can you stand holding onto a resistance tube and lift one leg without our body shifting? All of these are very simple tasks that many of us have problems executing. When I first started closing my eyes to balance on one foot I feel over after 2 seconds. I am now up to 20sec!! Start to pay attention to your body- how it moves, how you stand, how you sit. It will be the beggining of a great learning process about yourself.