Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Training Summer 2009

Looking for some people to train with?? You can join Munny and I Tues. evenings at 6pm for Tues night trail run clinic. Meet at Escape Route, $5. Last Tues. of every month is a Hash Run.
I participated in my first hash run last month and it was great fun. You basically all run working as a team to find the route that leads to the end or beer. The faster runners take off and let you know if they are on the right or wrong trail by yelling out. The slower runners then know what trail to take when they arrive so everyone basically finishes at the same time.
Thurs. morning Intervals at Lost Lake are free for all Whistler Triathlon Club members, $2 drop in fee for anyone else.
Stay tuned for a long group weekend run and additional local races.
Happy Training!!!

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